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The new structure is simple and the finished product produced by it is flat

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The net knitting machine is mainly composed of the head, paying off wheel and transmission mechanism, which is characterized in that: the supporting wheel is installed in the bracket, and the paying off wheel is supported, so that it is suspended in the bracket, and the straight mechanism of the paying off clamp is evenly distributed on the paying off wheel; the bracket is also fixed with a transmission gear, which is meshed with the paying off wheel, and driven by the transmission mechanism to make the paying off wheel rotate; the knitting machine is composed of the netting chain and the sprocket The head of the wire machine is set out of the horizontal direction of the paying off wheel and supported by the trestle of the wire machine. The sprocket is connected with the driving wheel to drive the chain to rotate; the speed of the paying off wheel and the chain is the same. The utility model has simple structure and the finished product produced by the utility model is flat, wrinkle free and of good quality.

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