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Traditional fishing net making technology

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Fishing net knot method: the knot method is a traditional fishing net production process. The fishing net is woven by warp and weft in the shuttle. The braided knot is generally about four times the diameter of the net rope, which should be protruded outside the surface of the fishing net. The net is called netting.
Twisting method: the twisting method is that two groups of yarns are twisted by machines at the same time, and are woven into a net through the center between the connected places. The breeding net made by this method is called twisting and non twisting net. Because the yarn at the node of the net can not be bent, and the net clothes are also very neat, so the friction force of the culture net in use is reduced, but the working efficiency of the twisting machine is a little low, and the horizontal mesh of the culture net made is not many, so this method is only suitable for weaving nets with larger mesh.

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