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Normal working structure of loom

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The appearance of weaving machine has replaced the position of ordinary manual weaving. Manual weaving takes a lot of time, manpower and material resources. Efficiency is not high. The batch weaving of the weaving machine makes many entrepreneurs join in one after another, because the large demand of fishing net drives the inevitable development process of the weaving machine. A weaving machine works 24 hours a day, and can weave dozens or even hundreds of times the efficiency of artificial weaving. So how does the loom work? Let's take a look at its structure.
The driving part of a loom. The utility model comprises a transmission mechanism, a let off mechanism and a selvage mechanism. The transmission mechanism transmits the power of the motor to each mechanism through the transmission shaft, crankshaft, treading plate shaft and corresponding gears to make them move according to certain laws; the let off mechanism is the mechanism to make the warp move longitudinally; the selvage mechanism is to clamp the weft, prevent the weft from rebounding, ensure that the weft is not bent, and push the weft straight into the weaving mouth (shuttleless loom); hook the weft, prevent the weft from being edged, and ensure that Make sure that the net edge is flat (with shuttle loom).

In order to make the let off mechanism and selvage mechanism of the metal mesh loom change the let off time, adjust the tension of the warp, adjust the length of each let off, and send the warp evenly from the warp roller, make the selvage mechanism keep a certain tension after the weft is detached from the rapier hook, prevent the weft stop from rebounding, improve the reliability of the selvage, and make the selvage easy to cut neatly. Based on the understanding of weaving technology of mine metal protective net loom, the process analysis and action sequence of let off mechanism and selvedge mechanism, the main driving parts of let off mechanism and selvedge mechanism are designed rationally, and the contour curves of let off cam and selvedge cam are optimized. Through this design, the let off mechanism and the selvedge mechanism can ensure the accurate movement track and the normal operation of the machine when the machine has a long working cycle and is subject to vibration and working load; the let off mechanism and the selvedge mechanism of the transmission part of the metal mesh loom can be more accurate and stable. In addition, it is convenient for the disassembly and maintenance of the metal mesh loom, as well as the replacement of some parts. If you need to buy fishing net machine and weaving machine, please identify Xinyu brand. Xinyu fishing net machine has a great influence on customer recognition in the industry.

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